GLEANINGS from Claudia: Following Jesus – Seen by Jesus

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READ: John 1:35-51

“Look, the Lamb of God!” This is the second time John has very clearly identified Jesus as the Lamb of God. What an identity! This name points in a straight line back to Genesis 22:8 where, as they climb the mountain in Moriah to offer a sacrifice at God’s bidding, Abraham answers Isaac’s “…where is the lamb for the burnt offering?” Abraham’s response is immediate, certain, unwavering; “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.” As John points out God’s lamb, I wonder if he realizes the full import of his words? This day, in this place, Jehovah-Jireh – Lord will Provide, begins the journey of His Lamb to the place of sacrifice.

I love the way Jesus sees people in these verses of scripture. He engages with those who choose to follow him, inviting them on. He speaks truth about who they are that looks beyond that moment of time into a becoming. Simon son of John will be called Cephas or Rock. Nathanael isn’t the prejudiced man who scornfully says “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Instead he is the Israelite in whom there is nothing false. Over and over Jesus invites “Follow me”; “Come and see.”

This man. This God. This Lamb! How I want to follow Him in truth, becoming the one that He already sees me to be!!

Lord, sometimes I perceive the hints of who I am in Your eyes. And sometimes the prejudices and early choices and weak-faithed pieces of who I am seem to predominate. Lord, call my name and my character into me and give me eyes to see and ears to hear. I know You love me and I look to You for who I am.


About Gleanings from Claudia

I am a wife, mother, grandmother,sister, and friend newly introduced to grief as I lost my 32 year old daughter in an auto accident in December 2010. I am a follower of Jesus and am journeying through grief while abiding in Christ.
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