GLEANINGS from Claudia: The Abiding Life – “The Window”

Yesterday I enjoyed an early breakfast with a dear friend. She shared with me a true story from her life, a gift that God gave her that has also become a parable for her heart. She gave me permission to write it up and share it with you! Enjoy

Not my friend's window, but mine a few years back!

Not my friend’s window, but mine a few years back!



Like so many other times, I lifted the blinds on the bathroom window and immediately experienced peace flooding over and into me. That early morning view of the field next door never fails to lift me. Even though each day’s singular light remarkably changes what I see, it always speaks to my spirit. As I reluctantly turned away from this sweet view and stepped onto the stairs to go down to my chair, my ‘nest’ where for twenty-two years now I meet the Lord every morning, I thought of the wall across from my chair. I love that chair. I cuddled my babies in it. I sipped tea and shared deeply with dear friends while sitting in that chair. This chair in this quiet room is sanctuary and memory book and meeting place all rolled into one. It actually faces the same wall that the bathroom window is on, but down here in my quiet room the wall is just that – a large, blank wall. All I could think is “Oh well, you can’t really have company in the bathroom now, can you? I guess this chair facing this wall is just the way it is.”

And then the whisper, “Why not put a window in that wall?”

What? Where did THAT come from? A window in that wall? That wall is part of this house and has been that way for twenty-two years. If it was meant to have a window in it, it would have a window in it! Doesn’t that wall NEED to be a wall? Isn’t it weight-bearing or something? Wouldn’t the house be threatened or break apart if a window was there? Besides, who has the money for that? Who has the energy for that? What a MESS it would make!

But that sweet little thought would not hush.  Why not explore this idea? Perhaps this idea itself is a gift from God.  I can’t quite believe that the idea came from me. After all I have sat in this room in my chair for all of these years and NOT thought of it. When I broached this idea with my husband, he reacted a lot like me. We just did not have the money for something like this, but as he considered what a window would look like and he saw my earnest desire to at least see what could be done, he agreed to explore how to make it happen. We decided to have a contractor we know take a look. If we could find a used window and if the cost was low enough … well, we wouldn’t know without checking it out.

Our contractor friend came out and looked the house over. He is a man we’ve known many years. We trust him completely and love the way He loves and serves the Lord with the gift of his life and profession. When it came time to talk over details and price, we steeled ourselves for either ‘it can’t be done’ or a cost that was simply too much and prepared to let go of the dream of a window.

“There is no reason you can’t have a window in that wall. In fact, you really should have a window in your den too! That den wall is made for something much bigger than that little thing you have facing such a beautiful forested view. You need more of that filtered light coming into your home. I can do this for you. But the ONLY way I’ll do it for you is if you let me do it as a gift to you. I’m coming up on a 2 week lull in my work and I WANT to gift you with this! I’ll go pick out a couple of gently used windows, you pay for them, and I’ll install them. There’s no arguing about this because you can’t pay me to do it, but I’ll gladly do it for free.”

We were astonished.  Blessed.  In awe of God’s gift through this idea and then through this dear and talented man.

In very short order we watched as our wall was ripped open and a window began to take place. On one hand the work was painfully slow. It hurt in a surprising way to see our much-loved home torn into and its strong frame laid bare to the elements. It was an endurable loss because we knew a master carpenter was at work and the promise beyond the pain was sweet and beautiful.

And in very real ways the final outcome, the wall across from my chair made inviting with a window opening onto my favorite view, came with amazing speed and familiarity. Once in place it just seemed and felt ‘right’ … like that opening with that light and that beauty should have truly been there all along. I will never take it for granted and the sawing and tearing and restoring that brought it about is now a part of me too. But the result, the restoration of the ‘broken’ wall now able to let the outside light in, has brought about something even better than what was before and that really seems to be the truth of the architect’s original plan. It took twenty-two years for me to see right in front of me that which was always possible. When my ears heard and my eyes were opened, the walls were breached and a double blessing gained.

Oh Lord, do the same in my walled soul!


About Gleanings from Claudia

I am a wife, mother, grandmother,sister, and friend newly introduced to grief as I lost my 32 year old daughter in an auto accident in December 2010. I am a follower of Jesus and am journeying through grief while abiding in Christ.
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4 Responses to GLEANINGS from Claudia: The Abiding Life – “The Window”

  1. Carol Rice says:

    How beautiful, Claudia. I believe it was God’s plan for that window, and you were given permission by Him to have it. Bless the dear man who gave it to you and may you enjoy it through the blessings of God. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story. Love your Gleanings. You have been given the Gift of Meaningful Writing and Sharing. Bless you. Love, Carol


    • Thank you so much Carol! I do have to set the record straight on something, the window and wall belong to a dear friend of mine who shared her story with me, let me write it up and let me share it with you! My sister thought she was going to see a new window in my house too! I know my friend’s story really blessed me, so I’m glad it blessed you too!

  2. Janine Hollis says:

    Awesome, I agree with Carol Rice!

  3. sue hendrickson says:


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